10 Business Trends That Are Shaping Marketing, Social Media, Technology, and More


10 Business Trends That Are Shaping Marketing, Social Media, and More

In order to keep up with the times, you should know all of the latest business trends. These 10 trends focus on marketing, social media, and more.

Business owners spend on average, 9.3% of revenue on marketing. Staying abreast of changing trends in business will help stretch their budget and increase the return on investment.

The three essential parts of running a business haven’t gone away. They include marketing, social media, and technology. It’s vital to stay abreast of these business trends to remain competitive.

We’re just past the first quarter of the new year. You still have time to explore and implement trends shaping how businesses reach their target audience. Keep reading to learn ten trends focused on marketing, social media, and more.

1. Artificial Intelligence is Growing Among Business Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology trends in business are helping business owners handle requests from their customers 24/7. With advancements in AI, website chatbots or more efficient.

Businesses are also gaining new insights into how users experience their websites by creating engagement footprints. With this information, they can create unique website experiences.

2. Authenticity in Advertisement

Today, consumers want to support authentic brands. To do so, authenticity has to flow through every aspect of the business. Since most people come to your business via a form of advertisement, you must present an actual depiction of your brand and mission.

An example of good authenticity in an advertisement is ensuring your product or service aligns with your advertising. Take the 2004 Dove Real Beauty campaign. The company opted not to use trained models but women who reflected their loyal customer base.

3. Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to evolve. Small businesses can’t afford to pay celebrities and athletes millions of dollars to show their products in an Instagram post. However, they can create partnerships with a micro-influencer with a large following on social platforms.

Social trends in business are about getting your product in front of as many people as possible. If you have a local or online business, the greatest return on investment for hiring an influencer is selecting someone already reaching your local audience.

4. Focus on Social Responsibility

Over the past few years, there’s been significant movement in holding businesses accountable for their messaging and employee behaviour.

We see a noticeable shift in current trends in business management where companies are addressing offensive messaging in their branding. Employees are losing their jobs over social injustices, and CEOs are becoming more visible as spokespersons to address viral stories.

There is also a move to project inclusivity in marketing campaigns. Plus, companies are supporting causes important to their employees and customers.

5. Mobile Optimization

Today, mobile devices account for 70% of web traffic. Creating a mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive website version is essential to keep up with the growing traffic.

Consumers cite poor user experience as a vital part of their decision to abandon shopping carts.

Branded business apps are also technology trends in business. They act as a condensed version of the business website and increase marketing engagement.

6. Privacy in Marketing

Data privacy has been a hot topic for some time. Technology trends in business continue to focus on helping consumers protect their information while browsing and shopping online.

The push to give consumers more control over their online information focuses heavily on the use of third-party cookies. One noticeable technology trend in business was Google announcing they would phase out the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2023.

Companies are also expanding the information and opt-in features to explain how cookies get used on their websites.

7. Podcasts and Branded Audio

Podcasts are growing exponentially. Businesses trends show that brands are learning how to grow their audiences with personalized content. The content gets presented to show the business as a leading authority in its field.

In addition, people that follow podcasts and other branded audio technology are more likely to support the brand. They are also more likely to tell others about the business.

Using this type of trend expands the reach of the business, and it acts as a permanent form of advertisement. Unlike a television ad that you must pay each time it’s aired, a podcast or branded audio can get replayed forever when shared on your website or platforms like YouTube.

8. SEO Resurgence

Changing trends in business marketing is how we do search engine optimization (SEO). For years the focus has been on keywords, link building, and how we name URLs and files.

Today, more emphasis is placed on optimizing keywords and the content businesses create. New to the scene is the integration of AI voice searches and SEO techniques. Together they create a powerful tool to assist customers in accessing the information they need on your website.

9. Short-form Video Continues to Dominate

If you’ve been on Instagram or Tik Tok, you know that social trends in business are focusing on short-form videos like Reels and Stories. These trends allow businesses to integrate brand marketing into segments of social media that make it highly visible to users.

You don’t want the video to resemble traditional advertising. Instead, the goal is to engage the user and take them on a journey.

10. Virtual Events

Are you wondering what are business trends in Virtual events?  Changing trends in business bring social and marketing strategies together with the use of technology. Virtual events for businesses include training sessions, conferences, product demonstrations, and employee meetings.

Your company can cut costs because it no longer has the expense of bringing in speakers and global employees. Materials are digital and can be sent via email or uploaded to the company’s intranet.

It’s Not Too Late to Hop on These Trends in Business

Hopefully, your company is already utilizing some of these business trends. It’s never too late to implement new techniques and strategies.

You don’t need to tackle the list at once. Take your time and prioritize which items are most beneficial. Implement those and measure your return on investment.

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