8 Huge Online Customer Service Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them!)

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Great online customer service is essential for finding and keeping customers. We explain the huge mistakes your competitors are making and how to avoid them.

We can't emphasise the significance of excellent customer service online enough. 96% of consumers worldwide say customer service plays a vital role in how loyal they are to a brand.

As an online business owner, you should know that customers are your greatest asset. With so much aggressive competition online, it's vital to establish your brand as one with excellent customer support.

One of the most common mistakes online businesses make is keeping their focus on creating and designing products and websites and entirely ignoring the importance of customer service.

Keep reading for eight huge online customer service mistakes that could be the demise of your business. The good news is that they're totally preventable, and we'll tell you how.

1. Not Training Your Support Agents

Your customer service and live chat agents deal directly with your customers. No matter how attractive your products are, your team's efforts are all for nothing if your team doesn't respond to queries in time.

Many companies don't put enough resources into training their customer support agents, so they're left to read company policies and training manuals independently. It takes them longer than it should to understand customer needs.

As you onboard new staff members, always arrange proper training for those who will be directly handling customer queries. And the training doesn't stop once the team is on board. Training should be continuous to keep your support team informed about shipping and returns policies, company changes, and pricing strategies.

Today, it's essential that your team knows how to say more than, “How can I help you?” Your support staff must be confident and able to identify patterns of your existing customers. This way, they can offer an individualised experience to each customer.

2. Not Responding to Queries Quickly

Sometimes customers have many questions, and they expect answers right away—without waiting too long.

Today's customers are entirely aware of their worth and know they can find other options if they don't get the support they need from your company.

Whether it's email support, online support, or telephonic support, always ensure that your staff provides answers promptly.

Regarding social platforms, 40% of users expect a response from a customer service team in under 24 hours. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to respond in this timeframe.

A significant portion of your training efforts should be instructing your team how to respond to customer queries in the quickest time possible.

3. Ignoring Social Media Complaints

If you receive negative feedback on social media, you should address the complaint as soon as possible.

Most businesses have an online presence, and it's essential to keep an eye on your social profiles so that you can respond to customer engagement in a timely manner.

Most customers expect a response to a query on social media in 30 minutes or less. If you fail to address a customer's complaint promptly, they may go elsewhere for better service.

When you receive customer feedback on a social media account, never argue publicly. Always apologise and say that you will follow up via email or private message.

4. Failing to Listen to Your Customers

Speaking of not arguing with customers online, another substantial online customer service mistake is failing to listen to your customers when they have a concern.

Listening is an art, and your customers aren't stupid. They can tell when a support agent responds to their question with an answer that isn't truly relevant to their query.

Train your support staff to write down notes and remain attentive. They should always reference historical data to identify the specific customer's pain points.

5. Not Offering More Than One Support Option

These days, customers expect omnichannel support from online companies. They will approach you from various channels, whether live chat, social media, or telephone conversation. You can't force them to pick only one.

Companies with omnichannel digital customer service retain more customers than those who don't offer options.

Also, create a support centre or knowledge base where customers can seek answers without having to contact support at all. Self-service is still service!

6. Passing Customers Around

If you've ever been passed around by a support team, you know how frustrating it is.

Being bounced from one support agent to another is a familiar mistake customer service teams make online.

Customers want to deal with competent support agents. Having customers transferred from agent to agent suggests that you don't have it altogether, and your system needs work.

If your customers encounter an agent who says they “don't know” the answer, they'll likely feel disillusioned with your support team. Great customer service agents don't always have the correct answer, but they will work hard to find it so that the customer doesn't have to. Instead of telling your customers, “you don't know,” train your staff to say, “I don't know, but I will find the answer for you.”

Align Your Online Customer Service and Digital Strategies Today

There you have it, the worst digital customer service mistakes and the online customer service tips you need to prevent them. Remember, offering the best service is a continual process. It's never too late to reevaluate your strategy and take advantage of the excellent perks that outstanding customer service has to offer.

As your analysing your business processes, it might be time for a complete overhaul of your digital services. How much more successful could your business be if you knew you had implemented all of the right tools for success?

Whatever your goals are, we're here to discuss your current issues and set your business up for achievement.

To learn more, schedule a call with us today!

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