Digital Marketing Services: 6 Tips for Managing Your Facebook Ads


Digital Marketing Services: 6 Tips for Managing Your Facebook Ads

Do you need help with managing your Facebook ads? Read about some tips for getting started with social media and digital marketing services.

It's easy to assume the gold rush of Facebook advertising is over, but the data tells a different story. Facebook ad revenue grew by a staggering 32% in 2021.

In other words, it's not too late to capitalise on the potential of Facebook ads for your online business.

But to get it right and outsmart the competition when you hire digital marketing services for your PPC advertising, you need to know the latest and most effective strategies to try.

To help with that, we've put together our top six tips for Facebook ads for your business.

1. Experiment With Call to Actions

A call to action is that simple instruction you put in your ad to tell your audience what you want them to do.

It takes a bit of trial and error to find the perfect call to action that fits your brand and gets your audience's attention. But the advantage of Facebook ads is that you can speed up this process by experimenting.

Design a set of creatives, each with a different call to action, and run these in parallel as separate ads. Ensure you set this up as a proper split test, so you aren't competing with yourself.

After doing this, check the statistics. The number you are most interested in is the click-through rate, as that will tell you whether your call to action is getting people to click on your ad.

Once you have a winning ad, you can pause the others and focus on scaling the one with the best reaction from your audience.

2. Improve Your Brand Voice

Exceptional branding is more than a beautiful design for your website.

For branding to work, it needs consistency so that your audience can see a fraction of your message and still figure out that it's you.

So your aim with an effective Facebook ad is to ensure that you focus on a consistent brand voice throughout all aspects of that ad, including the creative, the ad copy, and the landing page.

Hire a copywriter to work on all aspects of your ad and landing page to get one coherent message and tone throughout.

Customers should get a seamless experience from the moment someone discovers your ad on Facebook to the moment they get their thank-you message after converting.

Make sure all your visuals are customised to use your brand style guide. Avoid stock images as it will make your business appear amateur and bland.

3. Try Lookalike Audience Targeting

If you haven't done so already, try using Facebook's lookalike audience on your next ad.

Here's how lookalike audiences work. Facebook builds up a profile of your existing audience (that might be a website audience, email subscriber list, or Facebook page fans).

That profile includes characteristics and behaviours that your audience has in common.

That includes demographics and pages they've liked. It might even include their propensity to click on ads from businesses similar to yours.

The lookalike audience is Facebook's way of searching the platform for other people who neatly fit that same profile.

When setting up a lookalike audience, you'll set a percentage.

That percentage is the range of people you'll target in any population (e.g. country). It's important to remember that the smaller the percentage, the higher the likelihood that those people will respond well to your ad.

4. Research Your Audience

The Facebook ads manager algorithm does a fantastic job finding the right people for your ads.

But that doesn't mean you can skip the audience research before setting up a Facebook ad. An in-depth understanding of your ideal audience will improve your ad targeting and the ad creative you put together.

If you are a relatively new business, you could start by researching your niche to get a picture of your customer demographics and interests. Buy industry data from research companies or scan headlines available on articles.

Read through forums and Facebook groups, and investigate trending topics and keywords on places like Google and Pinterest.

If you already have an established business, survey your existing customers to help you put together a definitive profile of who buys from you and why.

As well as establishing primary demographic data like age and sex, you could also ask your customers questions such as what attracted them to your brand.

Work backward from this to establish your target audience's primary needs and motives.

5. Improve Your Sales Funnel

Suitable ads don't stop the moment someone clicks on that ad. That's only the beginning! To get an effective Facebook ad, you must have a clear and effective sales funnel that sits on the other side of that ad and converts visitors.

That's important from Facebook's perspective, too. If you are using Facebook's pixel (now called the Meta pixel), Facebook will track what people are doing once they leave the app and head to your website.

Suppose Facebook sees that visitors are converting to your offer. In that case, they'll use that information to determine that you have a high-performing ad and are more likely to show it to other potential customers.

If people aren't converting, Facebook will see that as an indication that your ad is poor or irrelevant, which could drive up your ad costs.

Go through your conversion data for each decision point in your sales funnel to see where you can make improvements. If you can, split test elements such as product pages and landing page offers.

6. Personalise Ads for Different Demographics

Suitable ads are relevant to your audience, so you can improve your ad performance by focusing on making your creatives more personalised when you manage Facebook ads.

One way to do this is to split your target audience into groups and launch different ads for each group to make them more personalised.

Here is an example. Suppose you sell garden furniture and accessories, and one of your product lines is kids' garden toys.

You could create an ad targeted solely at parents and focus on promoting the garden toys instead of your entire product line.

Digital Marketing Services for Your Next Ad Campaign

As you can see, there is more to an effective ad campaign than setting up a few creatives on Facebook.

To get the most revenue back from your ad spend, it makes sense to use the skills and knowledge of an experienced team. Our digital marketing services will help you get results from the money you spend on Facebook ads.

If you are ready to start advertising, why not book a free call with our team to discuss how our ad expertise can help your business get ahead.

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