Get Ahead of the Game: 9 Website Design Trends for 2022

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9 Website Design Trends for 2022

A beautiful website is critical for growing your business. Get ahead of the game with these 9 website design trends for 2022.

About 38% of people will stop engaging with a poorly designed website. Another 38.5% judge a business based on how their site looks at a glance. Nearly 40% of consumers stop engaging with slow sites, too.

How your website looks and functions could have a major impact on your business. Visitors might leave without clicking around. Your bounce rate might begin rising, which can hurt your search engine rankings.

People who look for your product or service online in the future might struggle to find your site if your rankings drop.

Instead of neglecting your website, consider using these website design trends for 2022. Learning how to update your website using these trends can help your content stand out.

You can wow your target audience, engage visitors, and start generating more leads and sales.

Give your company website a major upgrade this year. Read on to discover the top website design trends for 2022 today!

1. Load Times

single-second delay in mobile load times could hurt your conversion rate by 20%.

Consumers want fast, easy answers to their questions while they’re online. Unfortunately, many website design trends can cause your site to lag down. As you update your website, keep your load times in mind.

Run your website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Core Web Vitals. Make sure your pages load quickly. If anything causes your site to lag, it’s time to update your website.

Otherwise, consumers could have a negative user experience on your website. They might leave without clicking around, hurting your dwell times. Low dwell times will cause your bounce rate to rise and search engine rankings to drop.

Instead, speed up your pages. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and use, too.

Improving the user experience will encourage people to explore your content and click around. As your search engine rankings improve, your site will appear ahead of the competition.

Then, you can start generating more website traffic, leads, and sales to set your business up for success.

You can use these landing page optimisation best practices to benefit your campaigns, too.

2. Bold Colours

Go big and bold this year! As you follow these new website design trends, look for ways to help your content pop. You can use colourful minimalism by using bright, bold, saturated colours.

Your brand will have an easier time standing out from the softer, neutral shades many businesses have started using over the years.

You can use bold colours across your website without overwhelming visitors. Make sure to utilise your brand colours, too. Using your brand colour scheme will help brand recognition grow.

Consumers will have an easier time recognising your brand materials on sight as a result.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots can help improve the online user experience by answering any questions your customers have.

You can’t keep your doors open 24/7. It’s impossible to remain on your website to answer questions around the clock, too. Adding a chatbot to your website can help.

Consumers can ask their questions and find what they’re looking for with ease. Remember, improving the user experience will encourage people to explore. You might have an easier time generating leads as a result.

As part of the top website design trends for 2022, chatbots are also becoming more human-like. Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your chatbot. You can create a personalised experience for consumers as a result.

Adding a chatbot will improve your customer support while helping you cut costs.

4. Personalisation

Personalisation can help you better appeal to consumers based on their distinct wants and needs.

First, take the time to learn as much as you can about your target audience. Determine their pain points and interests. Consider the demographics they fall under, too.

Then, start personalising your website to better communicate with your target audience.

You can also use personalisation to improve your content marketing strategy. Consider the blog content you’re creating for your audience. Make sure it appeals to their interests and answers their questions.

About 74% of online consumers get frustrated when website content doesn’t appeal to their interests. In fact, 63% expect personalisation as a standard of service. About 52% will switch brands if you fail to personalise.

About 90% of marketers experience a measurable lift in business results after personalising content.

5. White Space

As you continue using these website design trends, make sure you’re giving your content room to breathe. Add white space throughout your pages. White space will give the reader’s eyes a break.

At the same time, it can draw their gaze toward certain areas of the page.

Consider where you’re placing your forms and call to action buttons, too. Adding white space around these areas can draw the reader’s attention.

You might have an easier time generating leads and sales as a result.

6. Interactive Content

Give consumers a fun, engaging online experience they won’t forget. As you update your website, consider creating interactive content. Interactive, 3D elements can boost dwell times and clickthrough rates.

7. Micro-Animations and Illustrations

Consider using micro-animations across your site. These small animations can guide users through interactions on your site. You could have an easier time encouraging engagement.

At the same time, micro-animations add an element of playfulness to the page.

You can also add unique, branded illustrations to your pages. Illustrations are a great way to simplify complex concepts, too.

8. Data Visualisation

As you add these new website design trends throughout your site, consider the data you feature on your pages. Sometimes, data is difficult to understand. You can use data visualisation by creating images from your data.

You might have an easier time engaging visitors as a result.

9. Creative Fonts

Have fun while using these design trends! Consider using creative typography to draw the reader’s attention. You can also leverage a sense of nostalgia by using vintage-themed fonts.

Wow-Worthy Websites: 9 Website Design Trends to Consider for 2022

Don’t let your website look old, outdated, or dull. Instead, consider featuring these website design trends across your site. Using these new design trends can help your site stand out.

You’ll have an easier time engaging customers while you’re at it, too!

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