How to Create an Effective Business Twitter Account: A Complete Guide

When was the last time you used Twitter? For some people, it's a great tool to tweet about their personal views and create a following. But where Twitter comes into its own is its use for businesses.

There is a great place to build an audience of potential customers and inform them of what you are doing. It can also help build your brand so that other businesses, the media, and potential customers know what values you hold and what they can expect in terms of service and goods.

Here's all about setting up a business twitter account.

1. Build A Strong Following

The first thing you need to do is build a strong following on Twitter. Ideally, you want thousands of followers rather than hundreds. A lot of people think this can be achieved by paying fake accounts to follow you – bot accounts.

But this doesn't work as other customers and Twitter itself starts to realise that your engagement is fake.

You also don't build your Twitter following by simply following other businesses and accounts and hoping they follow you back. You might even be tempted to try the age-old trick of following someone with fewer followers than you in the hope they follow you back and then unfollowing them. This doesn't work either.

Genuine Engagement

The best way to increase followers is to start with genuine engagement. First of all, determine who your customers are. What kind of people buy your products or use your services? Will they be on Twitter? Search and see who comes up.

Don't just follow them, think carefully about how to engage with them. If they put up a photo or a post then be sure to like or comment on it.

Put up content you think they will like and comment upon once they have started following you that way they might retweet it to your follows.

Remember it's not just other people who are potential customers that you can follow. You can follow other businesses as well. This gives you an idea of what other businesses similar to you are putting out.

Healthy Rivalry and Cross Channel Posting

Although these guys are your competitors, there is often a lot of healthy banter on Twitter between rivals that you don't want to miss out on.

For instance, the time McDonald's banned the sales of milkshakes because people were throwing them at politicians and Burger King tweeted that they were still selling them. Though be careful as this ‘banter' was later banned by Twitter for encouraging anti-social behaviour. Always think before you tweet.

Also, be sure to do cross-channel posting. Post your tweets on other platforms such as Facebook and mention your handle on any You-Tube business account you set up. You can use a feature on Facebook to get them to do this automatically. This way people who use your Facebook will be directed to your Twitter page.

Be sure to include a live Twitter feed on your website as well and to include the handle in any newsletters you send around.

2. Tweet Regularly

This might sound obvious but this is important. Your followers need to hear from you. If tweet at random times, once a month then nobody will remember your brand and you might not be able to pick up your engagement levels.

However, if you tweet too much then your followers might switch off and start to unfollow you because they are sick of hearing from you. Don't allow this to happen.

Also, be conscious of what you are tweeting. Don't tweet content that is going to alienate a section of your audience. If you are selling a service or a business it is generally best to avoid politics.

Taking one side over the other can alienate half of your audience and it's best not to assume the political views of your target customers. J.K Rowling is currently receiving backlash for tweeting her views about a recent transgender court case, generating negative press.

Of course, this might be hard to avoid if you are a company that is focused on green issues.

Try to be funny in a non-offensive. If people give you feedback on your services or offer criticism don't be rude to them or shut them down. Apologize where necessary and offer to reach out to them privately by private message.

The Voice of Your Twitter Account

Another important factor to consider when tweeting regularly and considering how to set up a business Twitter account is who the voice of your account is going to be.

Some businesses have a policy where the employer who is manning the Twitter traffic that days signs off with his or her name.

That way it gives the account a human side and allows people to get some kind of information on the person they are talking to.

Other businesses want the brand to have a specific business voice and for all people manning the account to stick to that voice.

3. Tweet Images

Just tweeting comments and thoughts is interesting but to take your Twitter account to the next level consider tweeting images and memes.

Insure those manning the Twitter traffic use a good camera such as the latest iPhone and try to capture what goes on behind the scenes or some funnier moments your followers might appreciate.

Setting Up a Business Twitter Account Is Not Hard

Setting up a business Twitter account is easy but remember that growing your followers to increase your Twitter traffic can take time.

Be sure to create an authentic voice for your account and to engage with followers in a genuine way rather than just following and unfollowing them and have clear guidelines about what to post.

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