Landing Page Optimisation: Best Practices for 2021

landing page optimisation in 2021
Landing page optimisation is critical for generating leads. Learn more in this guide featuring the best practices, tips, and tools for 2021.

About two out of three people prefer to read beautifully designed content. In fact, design has a 75% influence on your credibility, too. Without credibility, you could struggle to generate brand trust and loyalty.

Consumers might never decide to give your business a try if that's the case.

With landing page optimisation, you can improve your ability to generate leads and sales. Your ROI will improve, setting your business up for lasting success.

Not sure how to optimize a landing page? Here are the 10 tips you need. With these tips, you can optimize landing pages, attract more leads, and start growing.

Set your business up for success with these 10 simple tips today.

1. Focus on the Value You're Offering

People are visiting your landing page for a reason. Maybe they're exploring your latest product or service. Whatever the reason, make sure to keep focused on the landing page's purpose.

Trying to give them too much information on a single landing page could scare people away.

Instead, help consumers recognize the unique value you can offer them. Focusing on your value can help you draw in more customers. It can also set you apart from the competition.

If a consumer is stuck between your brand and another, recognizing your value could help them make the final decision.

Make the customers who visit your landing pages feel smart. Help them feel appreciated, excited, or inspired, too. These emotions could help you generate more leads and sales.

Think about what your customers are trying to accomplish. Then, make that goal the focal point. Place it in your headline to keep readers focused on that goal.

Then, show them the value you can offer by helping them accomplish that goal.

Maintain that same focus in the body text, imagery, and call to action button.

2. Use Minimalistic Design Trends

As you start designing your landing pages, try to keep it simple.

Clutter can overwhelm your customers. With landing page optimisation, you want to maintain their focus. If there's too much on the page, they could leave because they lost that focus.

Try to limit your landing page to five main elements above the fold. For example, you can include:

  • A hero image
  • The headline
  • Supporting text
  • A call to action button
  • Your contact information

You might want to consider removing your navigation bar, too. Instead, keep consumers on the page where they can immediately convert into a lead.

Use white space within your page design as well. Negative space will give your content room to breathe. You can avoid overwhelming visitors and keep their eyes on the prize: your CTA.

3. Choose Contrasting Colors

Make sure to use contrasting colors between your background page, the text, and your CTA button. Keep your brand guidelines in mind as you add color to your pages, too.

Contrasting colors can help certain pain elements pop. For example, make sure the CTA button and page background contrast. The CTA button will practically lift off the page.

4. Improve the User Experience

As you start to optimize landing pages on your site, always look for ways to improve the user experience (UX). A better user experience will keep people on your landing pages. If they get frustrated, however, they'll leave without converting.

As people leave, your bounce rate will start to rise. A high bounce rate can hurt your ranking on search engines like Google. You might struggle to appear in front of customers online as a result.

First, make sure your pages load quickly. Any delay could frustrate users.

In fact, a second-long delay in site load times could hurt conversions by 20%.

Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, too. People interact with brands twice as often on mobile devices. Mobile conversion rates are 64% higher than desktop as well.

Improve the readability across your site as well. Use shorter sentences and paragraphs. Organize long blocks of text using headings and subheadings.

The changes you make can keep people engaged and focused on your content.

5. Work Above the Fold

You only have a few seconds to grab a reader's attention and make an impact. Otherwise, they'll leave.

Try working above the fold. Focus on the area of the page that loads the moment consumers arrive at your website.

Then, make improvements using a heat or scroll map. You can place elements like CTA in areas that generate the most clicks. Your conversion rate could rise as a result.

6. Leverage the FOMO

As you optimize landing pages, focus on leveraging the fear of missing out. Add scarcity techniques like “limited quantities,” “selling fast,” and “limited time.” You can push consumers to take immediate action before they leave the page.

Consider adding a pop-up form that appears when they're about to leave.

7. Simplify Your CTA

Make sure your call to action button is straightforward. Keep it clear and concise. Otherwise, you could risk confusing the consumer.

For example, you can try “Join Now,” “Buy Today,” “Download Here.”

Make sure your CTA matches your overall goal.

8. Add Easy Contact Opportunities

Make sure it's easy for people to contact you from the landing page. For example, you can add a form or chatbot to the page.

Otherwise, include your phone number and email.

9. Use Social Proof

Adding social proof to your landing page optimisation strategy could help you boost conversions. For example, you can add customer reviews to the page. On-the-fence consumers will see that people already love your brand.

Add user-generated content to the page and show off pictures of people using your product, too.

10. Keep A/B Testing

Once you start learning how to optimize a landing page, keep learning. Use A/B testing to determine what your customers prefer. Then, update your landing pages with those preferences in mind.

You can A/B test different headlines, images, colors, and CTA buttons to improve your landing pages.

Reel in Leads: 10 Tips for Easy Landing Page Optimisation in 2021

Reeling in fresh leads doesn't have to feel complicated. Instead, give these 10 landing page optimisation tips a try. Learning how to optimize a landing page could set your business up for success.

You can use your pages to reel in leads, improve your ROI, and start growing.

Need help getting optimized? You came to the right place.

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