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Manychat allows businesses to interact with prospects and customers on a platform that is accessible 24/7 to deliver content in a fun way! personalise your marketing with emojis and gifs and build flows to get people engaged and open rates up to 80%! Spark a conversation! Let our bot show you how it's done...

What could you achieve with Manychat?

Want to make content that is actually engaging to your audience? What better way than creating adaptive ways to deliver information tailored to each users individual experiance, no wonder open rates are through the roof!

Manychat can adapt to anything you need it to be from promoting products as part of your eCommerce, schedule meetings or communicate updates to keep your customers in the loop.

Manychat could even provide the best customer experiance yet being able to help no matter where you are from your pocket, see live updates of audience engagement all stored to refer back to whenever for both you and the user.

No need to fear, we are here to give you onboard help you need to make the perfect Manychat bot. Let's have a chat to get you off the ground.

You'll like what you see.
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