Momentum Coaching

£297.00 ex. VAT / month

How much more could you get done if you knew you were having a phone call every two weeks to talk about it?
It will still be up to you to take action but we’ll be working together on a regular basis to motivate, guide and support you in your mission.
Sometimes it’s difficult to block out regular time slots in your diary to get the right strategies and campaigns in place. How often do you let several days or weeks go by without setting new goals or analysing and tweaking your existing projects?

You need to get some momentum going to make sure your business stays on the right trajectory and makes it into the stratosphere!

  • Momentum Programme
  • 2 x 1hr Coaching Calls Every Month
  • Screen Recording of each Coaching Call
  • Structured VIP Resource Vault (coming soon)
  • Priority Access for Ad-Hoc 'Doing' Hours
  • Priority Access for Booster Projects
  • Priority Access for Bespoke Projects

Together we get things done.

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