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  • How much more could you get done if you knew you were having a phone call every two weeks to talk about it?
  • It will still be up to you to take action but we’ll be working together on a regular basis to motivate, guide and support you in your mission.
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You’ve been using Infusionsoft for some time now, and you know that it can do great things for your business.


You’ve completed my JumpStart or Re-Launch missions and you now have certainty that Infusionsoft can do great things for your business.

You know that if you’re using Infusionsoft at peak velocity you can streamline your processes, automate your email campaigns and sell more products both online and offline. When you’re getting the best out of this software it has a big impact on your bottom line.

But sometimes it’s difficult to block out regular time slots in your diary to get the right strategies and campaigns in place. How often do you let several days or weeks go by without setting new goals or analysing and tweaking your existing projects?

But sometimes it’s difficult to block out regular time slots in your diary to get the right strategies and campaigns in place. How often do you let several days or weeks go by without setting new goals or analysing and tweaking your existing projects?

You need to get some momentum going to make sure your business stays on the right trajectory and makes it into the stratosphere!

How much more could you get done if you knew we would be phoning you every two weeks….

A New System
That’s why I’ve been working on a new system that will help to keep you shooting for the stars.

It used to be that once you’d done my initial Jumpstart or Re-Launch missions, you’d have a few follow-up calls with me and then it was all up to you to make things happen. You might book some ad hoc time with me to work on specific projects, but there’s no permanent structure in place. It’s not a bad system, but when you’re busy running a business and there’s no-one keeping you on the right flight path, it can be tough to stay focused.

Come on then Ashley, what can I expect from your Momentum Package?

Monthly coaching calls

Monthly Coaching Calls
Each month you’ll get two coaching calls with one of the team, to help you develop the best strategies for you.

Dedicated time

You call can be used as dedicated “doing” time, where we’ll implement the strategies we’ve worked on during your coaching sessions with you.

Structured resources

You’ll also get a structured ‘mission log’ which you can use to generate ideas and note down your plans in between our calls.

Priority Access for additional hours

If you need some additional work carried out, outside of your coaching calls, you will have priority access to our time and services.

Priority Access to booster projects

There will be times when you will need specific campaigns built, designed for a specific promotion or service you want to provide. We will give you priority access with additional coaching, building and review time.

Priority Access for bespoke projects

Sometimes, you just need more. Whether it is a membership site, Customer Hub or third party software integration project, we are here to help, and you will have direct access to the best we have to offer.

Ashley, do you have the time for this?

At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking, “Ashley, do you have time for this?” There’ve been a lot of demands on my time lately, so I’ve been limited in how much help I could offer you.

But I know you need my input so I’ve been working on hiring new team members. Their identities are top secret right now (think Stig in a spacesuit) but if you come on board you might just get to find out who they are. These guys will be working on the coaching calls with you so and you’ll still have access to all my years of knowledge and expertise through them. There are only so many hours in the day though, and we want to be able to give you some proper focused time and support, so I’m going to limit the number of Momentum Packages available to fifteen in the first quarter of 2017

I’d really like to help you shift your business up a gear and build some real momentum, so don’t put it off – take one small step for a man and one giant leap for your business by clicking the link below and sign up for the Momentum Package that best suits your needs and your goals for your business right now.

We will be working closely with you to build the right strategies for your business, as it develops over time.

Why is an ongoing program the best solution for my business?

This is a 12 month, ongoing commitment from both of us. As you will have experienced in building your own business to where it is today, you did not simply launch it, and then it was done. You have had to keep working on it, improving it every step of the way. My Momentum Package works on that very same basis.

Consider launching a NASA team to the moon. They don't simply use a single set of rockets to get them from the Kennedy Centre to the moon. There is the first stage rockets to get them off the ground, where gravity is the strongest. This is followed by the second stage rockets to get out of the earth's atmosphere. Stage three gets them into orbit and stage four boosts them to the moon at the right time, and controls the landing carefully.

It is the same with your business and unless you have systems in place to take care of all the different stages, you may find yourself losing momentum, and being pulled back down to earth.

You want to reach the moon, and together we will create and maintain your momentum, until you reach your goals and beyond.

What is included with my Momentum Package?

  • Momentum Programme
  • 2 x 1hr Coaching Calls Every Month
  • Screen Recording of each Coaching Call
  • Structured VIP Resource Vault (coming soon)
  • Priority Access for Ad-Hoc ‘Doing' Hours
  • Priority Access for Booster Projects
  • Priority Access for Bespoke Projects

£297 pcm

100% Money Back Guarantee

Zero Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

‘I’m absolutely certain you’re going to love this offering, and that’s one reason why my current return rate is so low. I want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with me, the service and your purchasing experience which is why I always offer a full, no fuss 30 day money back guarantee during the first month if it turns out it’s not for you for whatever reason.'