The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Types of Content Marketing

types of content marketing

The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Types of Content Marketing

Having a strong online presence is important for both SEO as well as attracting and retaining the interest of your target market.

Content marketing is one of the most important tools you can use. 91% of businesses use content marketing. It is a cost-effective tool to help them grow their businesses. Regardless of the size of your business or your marketing budget, you can find a content marketing strategy that fits your needs.

Do you want to learn more about the types of content marketing you can use to increase website traffic? Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know about the types of content marketing.

Blog or Website Content Marketing

One of the most common types of content marketing strategies is blog posts and website content. Improving the content on your website is one of the best SEO strategies. This is because it allows you to establish credibility for your brand and improve your brand image.

It also provides a simple way for your business to rank on Google Search. The long-form content of blogs allows you to optimize it with keywords and to answer commonly asked questions about your industry.

By creating a blogging strategy, you can increase website traffic and conversions and you can improve your relationship with your website users.

Social Media Content Marketing

Another important form of content marketing that is gaining popularity is social media marketing. This is because social media is becoming a bigger platform for interaction and sales. There are 45 million active users on social media in the United Kingdom.

With social media, you can engage directly with your target audience, making it easier to build relationships with them.

For social media content marketing, you need to regularly post on your social media, respond to comments, and find other ways to share your messages. Other things you can do to market your business on social media is collaborating with other brands and optimizing other content on your site for social media channels.

Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing is a broad category, as it includes dozens of types of marketing. However, any type of visual content marketing is effective, as most of the population are visual learners. Visual content is also able to evoke stronger reactions and make a bigger impact on your viewers.

Some of the most common types of visual content include videos, webinars, infographics, photos and illustrations, and more. While visual content is more in-depth and may be more difficult to create, it provides a significant return on investment.

By using these tactics, you can provide more impactful interaction with your audience. You will also find that your audience remembers you for longer when you use some sort of visual content.

User-Generated Content Marketing

User-generated content is a helpful content marketing tool as it involves interacting directly with your consumers. When your clients use your products and share them on their own social media channels, it is automatically shared and distributed to their followers.

This is a reliable form of content marketing that can lead to referrals for your business.

User-generated content marketing is a great tool for businesses because it is unpaid and unsponsored. This is essentially like social media users leaving a good review for your business. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it is an easy way to show others that your products and services are reliable.

Finally, user-generated content can easily be shared. When someone mentions or tags your business on social media, you can share the post on your own social media channels and share the positive review.

Influencer Content Marketing

A newer type of content marketing is influencer content marketing. A social media influencer is someone that has access to a large audience and can persuade others to listen to their recommendations.

Because influencers have so much credibility in their industry and have so many followers, paying influencers to make content for your brand is an easy way to improve the credibility of your brand.

Sometimes you can send products to influencers and they will review your products to share with their followers. More often, you need to pay the influencer depending on what type of content you want them to share. This may be an Instagram post, an Instagram story, and more.

Podcast Content Marketing

Another newer type of content marketing is creating podcasts for your company. This is an increasingly popular way to share and consume information.

Depending on your target audience, the topic of your podcasts will differ. For example, some companies use podcasts to interview experts in their field to ask and answer questions.

Podcasts are easy to start as long as you have the right equipment. Plus, it makes it easier for your target audience to consume your content. Even if they don’t have time to read lengthy blogs each day, they can listen to your podcast while they exercise, run errands, and more.

Plus, the number of podcast listeners in the United States is growing. In 2021, the podcast industry was worth $1 billion and had a 10% year-over-year increase.

Learn More About the Types of Content Marketing

Many types of content marketing can improve your business growth. Many of these types of content can even be done by beginners. By learning more about each of these types of content marketing, you can see which options will work best for your brand.

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