The Ultimate Google My Business Optimization Checklist

google my business optimization

The Ultimate Google My Business Optimization Checklist

If you want to take your Google My Business listing to the next level, then you need to follow this ultimate Google My Business optimization checklist.

Nearly 50% of Google searches are local. Learning how to optimize your Google My Business listing could help you reach customers online. They can learn about your business, find your website, or even get directions to your store.

Then, you can boost website traffic and foot traffic to start generating more leads and sales.

Here are eight tips you need for proper Google My Business optimization.

Learning how to improve your Google My Business listing will ensure consumers can find the information they need. Otherwise, they might struggle to find your business online.

Instead, you can use your listing to engage your audience and start attracting new customers.

Set your business up for success. Learn how to improve your Google My Business listing with these tips today!

1. Claim Your Listing

If you haven’t already, take the time to claim your Google My Business listing.

First, make sure you already have a dedicated Google account for your business.

As you begin the process of claiming your listing, make sure to avoid using your personal account. Instead, have an account you only use for your business.

If you need to create a new Google account, you should see the option to create an account “to manage my business.” Click on that option.

Once you claim your listing, you’ll have the ability to make the necessary updates and improvements. Learning how to improve your Google My Business listing will help you communicate with customers. You can provide them with updates regarding your business in case certain details ever change.

2. Fill in Every Section

Take a look at your current Google My Business profile. For effective Google My Business optimization, fill out every section.

It’s important to make sure the information is accurate and complete. Otherwise, your listing might hurt your online presence. It could have a negative impact on your search engine rankings, too.

Higher search engine rankings will help more consumers find you during a search. You can use higher rankings to generate brand awareness. In time, awareness will become recognised.

Consumers will start to associate your business with your project or service.

You can also improve your rankings to generate more website traffic. As you continue generating traffic, Google will take notice. It might decide to improve your rankings further, helping you reach new customers.

Make sure to fill out every section as you optimize your Google My Business profile. That includes your:

  • Business name
  • Business category
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Business hours
  • A descriptions
  • Photos
  • FAQs
  • Attributes

Double-check every piece of information, too. Inaccurate information could confuse or frustrate customers.

For example, if you use the wrong address, they could visit the wrong storefront. Consumers might decide to contact one of your competitors instead.

3. Optimize the Description

If you want to optimize your Google My Business listing for searches, take a look at your description. Try to insert keywords that are related to your business. Choose keywords that can increase your chances of appearing for relevant searches.

Consider gathering keyword research as you learn how to improve your Google My Business listing. You can use keywords your customers are already using to find your product or service online.

Make sure your description accurately describes who you are and what you do.

Try to highlight features, offers, benefits, and your unique value proposition as well. Your brand’s unique value will help you stand out from competitors in the industry.

You’ll have a character limit of 750 characters for your business description. Only the first 250 characters will appeal in the knowledge panel.

Make sure the description you create is clear, concise, and creative.

4. Consider the Category

As you work through this Google My Business optimization checklist, consider your business category as well. Your category will help consumers find your listing online. Your listing could appear in non-branded category-based searches.

You’ll have an easier time generating website traffic, leads, sales, and brand awareness as a result.

This strategy can also help if your business name doesn’t feature the service you provide.

Each category also features different attribute listings. For example, you might note amenities or accessible parking. These attributes could help your business stand out further.

If applicable, consider adding a second category as well.

5. Upload Images and Photos

Images and photos can also help improve your Google My Business profile. After all, imagery is eye-catching. You might have an easier time attracting people to your business using branded imagery.

First, make sure to add a profile photo and cover photo. Use imagery that will help boost brand recognition.

Then, add a few general photos. If you have a shop, use images of your storefront. Adding images of your shop will help people find your business in person.

Make sure to optimize your images using relevant keywords, too.

6. Generate Reviews

If you want to optimize your Google My Business listing effectively, take the time to generate reviews. Positive customer reviews can boost your brand’s reputation. You might have an easier time generating brand trust and loyalty from future customers.

Make sure to generate fresh reviews throughout the year.

Continuously generating reviews can boost your rankings, too.

7. Maintain Consistency

Take the time to review every detail of your Google My Business profile. Make sure the information matches the details on other online directories. Keep every word consistent.

Consistency will further improve your rankings. Otherwise, Google might think you’re a different business.

Make sure the information that appears on your website matches your profile as well.

Here are a few ways your Google My Business page might do more harm than good to keep in mind.

8. Share Updates

Once you use these Google My Business tips, start sharing updates throughout the year.

Let consumers know if your business hours or phone number changes. Let them know about new products or services with updates, too.

Keeping people updated will ensure the information on your profile is always relevant and fresh.

Stay Local: 8 Google My Business Optimization Tips for Success

Proper Google My Business optimization can help you reach more customers online. You can improve your search engine rankings and generate more business. Get started with these Google My Business tips today!

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