Google Ads Strategy: Google Ads Trends To Look Out for in 2023

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Google Ads Strategy: Google Ads Trends To Look Out for in 2023

Google ads strategy: Do you want to know about the most important google ads trends to look out for in 2023? Read on to learn more about them.

Business articles have been awash with speculation about ad spending in 2023. For most commentators, it's feared a slowdown is on the horizon. However, one platform bucks that trend, and that's Google ads.

Alphabet is seeing around $56 billion in ad revenue per quarter. In other words, if you want to invest in ads in 2023, Google might be a wise choice.

To help you prepare for the coming year, read about some of the most exciting trends and how you can ensure your Google Ads strategy capitalises on these opportunities.


When running a Google ad, you can personalise your creatives in line with your ad targeting.

For example, if you target based on location, you can add that location to your ad copy. It's the same for other personalisation options such as demographics, interests or past search behaviour.

Personalisation means your ad is more relevant to the audience. That translates to better click-through rates and higher conversions.

More businesses will start using Google ad personalisation in 2023, so if you want to stay competitive, you'll need to ensure you're using this strategy.

Data-Driven Ads

Optimisation was the keyword for most marketers this year. And if you want to explore this in 2023, you'll need to understand the role of data-driven optimisation in advertising.

This essentially means tweaking your ads based on the feedback you get from your analytics.

For example, suppose you target a specific demographic (like age range), and your ad isn't performing well. In that case, you can change that targeting and monitor your analytics to see if it positively impacts your ads.

You do the same strategy repeatedly using different targeting options and continually monitoring the data, you get back via the reporting dashboard in Google.


Videos have risen the ranks and become one of the most central features of marketing in recent years, thanks to the likes of YouTube and Tiktok. But did you know that you can run video ads on Google's ad network?

Google ads offer video ad formats via TrueView, bumper ads and in-stream. They display on YouTube or via Google Display and Search Networks.

Video advertising will become more commonplace as businesses begin to include it as part of their digital marketing strategy because it's far easier to engage an audience via video.

In 2023, look for advancements, including personalised videos and better targeting options.


By the end of 2022, around six in ten of us will browse via mobile rather than desktop. So you want to make sure that in 2023 you make mobile advertising part of your strategy as it's going to be one of the top Google Ads trends.

In google ads, you can specify mobile delivery on most advertising options, including search and display ads, videos, and app downloads. You can also target based on mobile devices (e.g. only showing the ad to Android users)

Consider customising your creatives to fit a mobile audience when running ads. When people browse on mobile, they might not want sound on a video and probably want short, snappy content.

Improved Targeting

The leading ad platforms such as Google, Facebook and TikTok compete for the same advertisers.

So they're always looking at ways to improve businesses' ad performance. Google's approach in 2023 will be to focus on enhancing its targeting options while at the same time adhering to people's needs for data privacy.

Automation and AI

Not so long ago, ad consultants could easily spend an entire day in their client's ad platforms analysing data and tweaking targeting and creatives to optimise an ad.

However, what if AI could do that work for you?

Well, that reality is almost here, with AI technology now so advanced that Google Ads can do much of that automation work on your behalf.

In 2023 you're more likely to be in a position where you can “set and forget” an ad, relying instead on automation to ensure it reaches the right people at the right time.

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is about running different ads to subsets of your audience based on demographics, behaviours or interests. It's a way of tailoring and personalising the ad to improve your conversion rate.

Segmentation plays a significant role in targeting and data-driven optimisation, so it's worth taking the time to understand how to do it correctly. Plus, it's a rising trend for 2023 and beyond.

In 2023, Google ads will begin applying more AI to segmentation technology, which will help advertisers get more targeted with their groupings.

For example, AI might use previous purchase behaviour to predict the likelihood that a particular person will respond to your ad. The platform will then optimise the targeting to put that ad in front of the most responsive audience.

In 2023, you can also expect segmentation based on your marketing objectives. For example, you may target some groups for lead generation and others in your funnel on the sales page.

That segmentation could be based on whether you're targeting a cold or warm audience.

Cross-Platform Ads

If you want to boost brand awareness, the best way to do that is to get your ads noticed across various platforms. So cross-platform advertising will be a hot trend in 2023.

So how can you take advantage of cross-platform advertising on Google? The answer is that you run ads covering different formats (for example, you might combine a display ad with a YouTube video ad).

By taking this approach, you're tapping into the rule of seven – the marketing principle that says most people need to see a marketing promotion seven or eight times before they are ready to buy.

Get Your Google Ads Strategy in Place for 2023

With technical advancements like AI and personalisation, the Google ads platform looks unstoppable in 2023. Use this guide to start bringing together a winning Google Ads strategy that will make the most of this platform.

If you enjoyed this Google Ads guide and want more support in putting the perfect ad strategy in place,  head here to schedule a free call with one of our experts.

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