Why your business needs to have a presence online – Part 2

online prescense

Here are some more reasons why having a website is worth far more than the small cost of setting it up and running it.

If you would like to read reasons 1-3 see our previous blog – Part 1.

4) People use the Internet to find out more about businesses they already know about.

Don’t think you should be online so that only brand new customers can find your business. One of the most common ways people use the Internet is for your existing customers and people who already know about your business to look online for research.

They want to know things like:

  • What time does the local coffee shop open?
  • Are there any special deals at my dry-cleaners?
  • Does my favourite Chinese restaurant have vegetarian options?

If you want your customers to be able to know everything about your business, a website is the perfect way of making the information available whenever they want it.

5) Build a loyal following

Although the Internet is huge, think of it as more than a vast wilderness to try and promote your business. The Internet is a community and with sites like Facebook and Twitter you can communicate and engage with your customers no matter which part of the world they come from as if they were your friends.

This allows you to connect with your customers on an emotional and personal level, which is much more effective than an ad in a local newspaper or a flyer. When you engage with them you will build a loyal following of fans and customers who will buy from you again and again.

6) Your competition is already there

Spend a few minutes on Google and search for businesses similar to yours in your local area. The chances are your competitors will already have a presence on the Internet. If they are, why let them steal all of the customers when you could have a website quickly and easily?

7) Stay current

Having a website means you can always appear up to date to your customers. You can share the latest news, update your inventory, add relevant information you think your customers should know and even answer customer’s questions almost immediately.

So while your bricks and mortar business might not be open 24 hours a day, your website is. It is too good an opportunity to miss.

8) Promote your site for free

Google wants your business to succeed. It is your company’s best friend. It is constantly improving to make sure that when people search for businesses like yours, they will find you. Being found on Google is completely free and will boost your profits.

When you see the potential you will soon want to explore other avenues of online marketing, all of which deliver equally exciting results and a huge profit for your business.

Look out for more blogs from Jumpworks with tips and tricks on marketing your business. But if you feel marketing your business is a scary prospect with a minefield of options, then we can hold you by the hand and take you through the process of achieving what you set out to. By working in partnership with Jumpworks we can help you accelerate the growth of your business and increase the return on the digital marketing you do. If you would like to get started then please feel free to give us a call or pop an email over to us – we don’t bite we promise and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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